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Gladys Huanca-tejidos
Alpaca wool textiles
Gladys Huanca_textiles – warmi ampara
WARMI Ampara
Gladys Huanca, textile artisan
Take a look at some of our traditional and contemporary Aymara handicrafts. We craft all of our products with traditional Aymara weaving and metalworking techniques.

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Our textile pieces are made with 100% alpaca wool. You can choose between textiles in their natural color or dyed with certified artificial hues inspired by ancient textiles in the archaeological record of northern Chile.

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We craft all of our products with traditional Aymara weaving and metalworking techniques.

Natural color wool

Dyed color wool

Aymara Metalwork

Norte de chile
Región de Arica y Parinacota, Chile.
Knowledge inherited from Aymara textile weavers in the Andes.


“I am an Aymara woman, which defines me as a fighter and a hard worker. I was born on the high Andean plateau, but when I was very young I migrated to the city of Arica. I am a mother and a grandmother. Whenever I can, I travel to my homeland because I feel free there.

I weave alpaca wool on a loom. I weave natural and dyed colors using the traditional techniques of my culture, because I believe this is the only way to keep the history of Aymara textiles alive.

We have a family workshop and I have been practicing this craft for 30 years. I make contemporary clothing pieces as well as home goods. My clients are individuals, but I also sell my products to specialized stores and hotels.

Being able to transmit my knowledge of weaving and the unique perspective of Aymara textiles is what most fulfills me in life. Every piece I make has to be made with heart and with joy so that the final product can carry on that feeling. I love my work, my culture, and I am happy every time a creation of mine reaches the hands of others because that is what makes our culture grow.”